#We all need a little peace

I have not written properly for a long time and there comes a time that I need a professional space for my works and also my personal journals, so here we are.

I had a rough day today. I am feeling like a little silent space, a silent friend and a sleeping cat to calm my mind. It is strange that even in the toughest moment, some people seems do not want to be alone. I am one of them.

I was looking for a featured image for this post and I chose a portrait of myself in La Perouse, Sydney last year. It brought me some short of peace in my mind and a bit of self-confidence against my insecurity and confusion at the moment since I looked totally relaxing in that shot.

Down to business, this blog will present some of my works on audiovisual production and personal journals as I am trying to develop it as my portfolio since I am about to graduate from Bachelor degree.

I am a creative mixed soul, trying to find a path that can blend all of my passions together, particularly in Digital Media industry. Welcome to my little peace.


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