#Being good is not good enough.

It’s not a judgement. It’s not about greedy. It’s all about insecurity, confidence, and women.

Women’ insecurity is like the depth of the ocean. The more you go, the deeper it gets. Some people get tired or bored in the middle of their way, so they stop to come back or search for a new way.  Totally normal.

But men don’t understand one thing: women know their insecurity more than anyone else. They casually show it to get closeness, to be protected or to feel needed etc. However when they don’t, it doesn’t mean that they are rolling in theỉr own sorrows with barriers around. They are searching for the last trace of confidence inside. Slowly, gently and determinedly. Some luckily find it and effortlessly turn it into achievements. Some in the opposite keep searching until getting lost or find something else matters.  They can be affected easily by the environment and outsiders, which also contribute to their final version of themselves. Whether it leads them to a good way or bad way, they will not stop trying until they disappear from this planet. Totally normal.

When it comes to confidence, men or women are equally ambitious. They all pursue success and satisfaction. Specifically, their purposes are different, but, who cares? Because it all comes down to two questions: what can you do and who can you become?

Oh well, you think I will answer those questions? Ha, you think I am that deep?

For whatever reasons you are thinking, I am writing this not to assume anything in general. I am persuading myself that I am good. At least the moment I understand something, I usually say it out loud or write it down to be proud of myself a little bit even though I am experiencing hard times. But I also understand one more thing clearer than crystal: being good is not good enough. You’d better say it to yourself billions time in your life to keep pushing yourself harder and harder every single day. And don’t be like me, sitting here and writing all these words when I suppose to throw myself into the sea and learn how to find things to eat and hide from sharks. For this moment, I admit to being useless. No, I forgot, I am just not good enough. Yes, not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough. Ha.


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