{June 2014 – OOTD} “Ao dai” – Vietnamese Traditional Costume

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If you are a big fan of traditional costume, Vietnam’s “Ao dai” definitely will be one of your favorites. Influenced from Chinese cheongsam and “Ao ba ba” from Southern female farmers of Vietnam and has been innovated gradually in the last few decades for modern looks and styles, Ao dai has become one of the most popular symbol of Vietnam and personally, a perfect measure to show every curve of females’ bodies.


My photoshoot with Ao dai featured an innovated version of this costume since the tradition one has long sleaves and plain white allover color. The top has been designed with the combination of red, yellow – typical colors of springs in Vietnam as well as the colors of our flag, and white – traditional color with the details of cherry blossoms and Hanoi Old Quater – all represents the beauty of our country.


– Photographer and Retoucher : Phiêu Du
– Model : Gillian Dao
– Place : Van Mieu – Hanoi – Vietnam


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