#Graduation #July2016

Wow, time flew so quick. It has been 3 years since I got here, a Vietnamese young girl chasing her dream and searching for freedom, independence away from family. Finally, I have finished one important step of my life. Well done, Gillian.

I attended my Graduation ceremony in a big rush. My family decided to come here for a little journey around Australia and Brisbane is one of those destinations since it’s my graduation. We just came back from 4 day trip to Melbourne and everyone was very exhausted. I will definitely write another blog for this family trip haha. Anyway, so I was running late for the ceremony since I could not prepare much for my outfit. I picked my favorite celebrating color – red, then run to the ceremony.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like graduating at that time since I have not attended uni for one semester (I finished all the units pretty early and did one last internship in the final semester). And at that time I already worked full time, I mean, a proper job with a promising sponsorship to stay in Australia. Everything was going well back then until my parent came and changed my mind about my responsibility for my family, about my visa and career choice. Looking at all the graduating students around and my family in their seats, I was confused and messed up. I tried to smile the whole evening, but deep down I was depressed. However, my feeling changed after I heard the speech of one of the distinctive students. She has been through the same situation as me. She attended uni pretty late and changed her major. She experienced a similar disappointment and so much of hopes. And she made it. Though she was offered a much amazing job compared to me. I cried listening to her journey and memorized mine. My manager used to say to me that I am a high-achiever, which not only pushed me so hard to achieve what I desire but also made me beat myself up dramatically if I couldn’t. So after her speech, I felt so relief. I was proud of myself a little bit as well. I don’t know what will happen next in my life. A blank page is there to fill in. But I graduated. And I deserved a peaceful moment, right?

Congrats Gillian.


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