#review “3-Iron/Bin Jip – Best Korean Movie ever”

I don’t watch Korean Movie much, to be honest. I was sick the whole day and I just needed to be alone and watch something sad or bad romance. However, I didn’t go with my classic or favorite. I jumped to kissasian.com, looked for something randomly. Then I accidentally found this movie.

It was just strangely beautiful. And haunted.

A truly deeply piece of art.

Few words, more observations.

You know you’re there somewhere. You know that’s the world you live. You know you might pack your bag and jump into an adventure like that someday.

To understand the world. To understand people. To understand discipline. To love. To commit a crime. To learn. To grow up.

Nothing is what it appears to be.

And, as it said:

“It’s hard to tell the world we live in is either reality or a dream”

It’s all yours. Choose how to live and choose who you want to be.

3 Iron definitely belongs to the house of art. Every little detail works effectively. The background music also contributes to a whole sad silent vibe consistently.

It was overwhelming at first. But you don’t want more when it finish. You feel completed.

After Old Boy (2004), 3-Iron is definitely a highly recommend to watch.


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