Hi, I was bored and a bit down lately.

So here you are. My top 3 worth to watch movie/series recently. It might be a bit gloomy due to my mood. img_4263♠ No3. I ORIGINS (2014) 

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-fi

I Origins talks about science, about spiritual sense, about love, about beliefs and of course, about people.

Why talking about people is important? Happiness, Losses, Discoveries are all from them.

Ian, a molecular biologist who is fond into eyes studies starts the movie by

“Let me tell you about the eyes that have changed my life”

He felt in love, like a normal human being. He experienced loss and mature crisis when he was accidentally responsible for the death of his beautiful spontaneous girlfriend Sofi .He ended up with his laboratory partner with a successful career, a beautiful wife, and a son.

But Sofi still lived in him, haunted him.

He remembered her smell. He asked a stranger waitress about her perfume in front of his wife so he can buy the exact one Sofi had used.

He masturbated after spaying Sofi’s perfume in the air and watching her videos.

He remembered every little detail about her to include them in the test with the little girl who has the same eyes as Sofi.

He truly thought she was a childish dreamer. But some of her beliefs unexpectedly affected him.

And finally, he was changed by her eyes – “the most beautiful eyes in the world”. His beliefs. His career. And his life, like he said. Everything changed.

The movie hit me in a very creative but strange way. I wish I could experience at least one spiritual issue/people to really understand that moment in life.

Highly recommended to watch. img_4264♠ No2. Nymphomaniac Vol I, II (2013) 

Genre: Drama, Erotic

Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after an accident.

I cannot tell you much, sadly. I feel like I need to put the whole movies in to complete my review and feelings.

When you watch Nymphomaniac. Your eyes kinda keep following the subtitles or the words that came out of Joe and Seligman’s mounts. They are both knowledgeable people, one with theories, one with practicals. I feel like I am attending a lecture due to that fact.

It’s an extremely depressing movie. However, you will learn a lot.

For me, I felt like when we really understand about sex, it is actually a very sad thing in the world.

The best moment in this movie to me is when Joe found her soul tree. According to her dad: “you will feel it when you see it”. It was a lonely tree standing strong among wild windy mountains. Just like Joe among crisis in her life.

She found back so many times for recognition. But society denied someone like her. She found true love and was destroyed by it.

But she will keep fighting until she dies.

I love this movie because I believed in it. To even the strangest detail. Believe me, you will too. img_4267


TV Series – Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Do I need to tell you anything? Or the bloom on the internet and imdb rating 9.2 are enough to persuade you?

OMFG. It is the top of the top. I see God. I see soldiers. I see Alice in wonderland. I see magical music. I see humans’amazing brains. And I see the future.

If you don’t like it, “the maze is not meant for you”

That’s all.

Must watch !!!!!!!



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