SaPa – January 2017

I have been traveling since I was 12, mostly with my family, in and out of my country – Vietnam. I have lived in Vietnam for 20 years before I became a study broader in Australia, however, this is the first time I have visited Sapa. This is one of the towns I wanted to visit the most in Vietnam.

Sapa is one of the highest places in Vietnam. People call it Sky-city or Cloud-city. As you might know, Vietnam is a tropical country, and Sapa is the only place you can see snow in winter which makes it rare and attractive to tourists.

Sapa is a small town belonged to Dien Bien city. You will have to travel via road trip or train for about 5-6 hours from Hanoi – the capital of the north of Vietnam. The road is quite challenging and mazy. The most popular way to travel is by special tour bus or train. I traveled with 8 friends so I have booked a private 16 seat van with experienced driver for the ultimate safety.

Sapa’s weather in January is a bit cold, around 10-18’C. There will be some days with the sun and some with rain, basically it’s unpredictable. But there is one thing will never be missing in Sapa – fog. It’s so foggy all the time.

As you can see, this is the 1st place I have visited in Sapa. It’s the biggest square in front of Sapa’s stone church where local citizen used to host some dancing event or street market.  I could not take a photo of the church because of crazy thick fog. Oh, there is only one moment I have caught Sapa without fog for about 20 seconds. It’s so beautiful.


The best place you can ever visit in Sapa is Fansipan peak – the highest peak of South East Asia. If you love hiking, you can actually climb there. It’s about 3,143 meters. Otherwise, we’ve already had slings for it, you can just buy a ticket and climb about 600 steps (1,5 km) to get there easier. Of course, I chose the 2nd choice haha.

It has massive amazing views with cloud, sky, mountains, the city and I promise the feelings you attain will be incredible.

My 2nd favorite place is called Ham Rong Mountain. It’s pretty close to the hotel I stayed and they had a lot of souvenir and street food around. But you have to climb a bit like Fansipan. Through the way to the top will be able to see a lot of sightseeings like forest, mountains, orchid garden, caves and of course, best city view ever.

There is still many things to see in Sapa. Local villages, for example. One of the most popular one is called Ban Cat. The nature is amazing there, I have to say.

There are few street foods you can enjoy in Sapa such as bbq sticks (very cheap and varied), salmon hotpot, buffalo dry meat. You can also buy some organic leaf medicine that locals have produces from natural leaf they found on the forest to kill certain diseases. But be careful with the price if you’re international tourists 😉

That’s all for now. I have had a wonderful time in Sapa. The weather fits me well since I always love high cold places. If you can relate to any of interests and places I have reviewed, please come visit Sapa someday.


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