#Không sao, em ổn – Hương Trà

Once more time, what you wrote totally got me. And I just wanted to express that morose in tune. “Chúng ta chỉ là những con bướm vỗ cánh trong một ngày, mà tưởng là mãi mãi.” _________________ @Credit: Written by Hương Trà ( https://www.facebook.com/notes/c%E1%BB%ADa-hi%E1%BB%87u-th%C3%B4n-n%E1%BB%AF/kh%C3%B4ng-sao-em-%E1%BB%95n/1749389191962500) )  Music : Lilac wine - Jeff Buckley Presented and mix by me. … Continue reading #Không sao, em ổn – Hương Trà


#Little peace

My favorite blogger on Facebook would like to do a Radio online version of her writings so I made this demo for her to listen. She loved it so much. Probably because what she wrote really got me so my expression pretty came through. This kind of stuffs reminds me of an online Radio projects … Continue reading #Little peace