{OOTD} Blue is the warmest color

Spring has come to Brisbane and as any local knows, it feels like summer. And there is no color can make the heat softer better than blue. I also named the post as the name of one of my favorite movie "Blue is the warmest color". I loved Emma and she is quite a lot … Continue reading {OOTD} Blue is the warmest color


{OOTD} Gold up.

I have one bad habit. I always try to match my hair color with my outfit. It sometimes is not a bad idea but you cannot stick to one color for couple months, right? So before I decided to change my hair color, I gold up to suit my blonde hair for the last time. … Continue reading {OOTD} Gold up.

{OOTD} Classic

So how many time you see me in BnW? Probably a lot. No big deal, I am an minilism. Being a big fan of classic colors is no wrong. So this time, I shoped with Cue, H&M and Betts Shoes. Cue designs never disappointed me. It grabed me from the first look at the white … Continue reading {OOTD} Classic

{OOTD} Little pinky

Pink is not my favorite, honestly. I am not a big fan of this dreamy color. I am more a down-to-earth simply type. But one night, I walked freezingly across Topshop and saw this little dress over the mannequin in the cozy light. It was just simply a love at the first sight. One of … Continue reading {OOTD} Little pinky

{OOTD} Fire up winter

Say hi to my favorite outfit for winter 2016. Beaudeux bodysuit, leather short skirt and over knee boots. 2016 marked a truly blooming time for the off-shoulder outfit. Shirt, bodysuit, dress ...every girly pieces can use this special element to show off women' petite sexy shoulder. Off-shoulder tops are always my favorite, even for summer … Continue reading {OOTD} Fire up winter

{OOTD} Autumn Layered Vibe

What is the signature color of autumn? Orange? Maybe. But there are so many different shades of orange, you know. For me, amber represents autumn. A bit of fire, a bit of passion which can highlight any kinds of outfit you put in. Layering is never easy, to be honest. Therefore, I definitely have matched … Continue reading {OOTD} Autumn Layered Vibe

{OOTD} Tie it up.

Ok firstly I am a big fan of B&W and basic so it's totally normal to see me in B or W. And because last OOTD is W so now is B. Haha. My all time favorite color and the savior of all ladies in the whole universe from those who are too skinny to those … Continue reading {OOTD} Tie it up.