Let’s go to Tasmania to relax.

Quiet, old and vintage vibes, surrounded by beautiful coasts. Yes, Tassie is a heaven to relax. In April 2017, I had a business trip to Launceston, Tasmania for 2 days and stayed overnight in Swansea which is 2 hours drive from Launceston. It was the first time I have even been to Tassy after hearing … Continue reading Let’s go to Tasmania to relax.


{Throwback} Winter Sadness

Winter has come to Brisbane. Suddenly want to throwback my winter in Vietnam two years ago. _______________________ Giọt sầu đông vương nhẹ mí mắt Thoáng say sưa thưởng thức vị lạnh đầu môi Trái tim buồn ngước nhìn cảnh lặng Chợt khẽ khàng xuyên qua lớp lớp tâm tư Mưa chợt đến mang vị mặn … Continue reading {Throwback} Winter Sadness