Me, Myself and I

When I was young, I thought I have no personalities. I thought I just imitated people, somewhere and somehow. Now I know everyone does the same things. They learn as they grow up, from anywhere and anyone they impressed in. So now I love the way I am, even how weird it is sometimes.

People talk a lot about being special. I never said I am special, even though I love that compliment from other people. Being special is something for rare talents to me. So I am definitely not one of those. I am just a normal girl who lives recklessly and restlessly and still trying to figure out which way to go or who should I become.

Whenever people ask me about my hobbies or favorite things, I found it pretty hard to answer. I don’t know why I have to choose between million things that I enjoy or even love. So I started to answer how I truly felt. And now everything I love or passionate about build my own identity.

I am a young, restless, open-minded soul who enjoys living in the moment. A traveler who loves discovering good places, good foods, and good people. A fashion addict who lives and works beyond the dream of shopping without looking at price tags. A reader who enjoys good books on a rainy day with a cup of tea on a comfy beanbag. A messenger who fascinates about interacting, understanding and inspiring people.

So I started this website as my personal journal. I am writing or posting about what I love like food, fashion, sometimes nonsense things about how I feel. You know, theĀ internet is huge and I am just a little thing. I don’t need to impress anyone. I just want to be me, myself and I.

Welcome to my little peace.


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