{OOTD} Classic

So how many time you see me in BnW? Probably a lot. No big deal, I am an minilism. Being a big fan of classic colors is no wrong. So this time, I shoped with Cue, H&M and Betts Shoes. Cue designs never disappointed me. It grabed me from the first look at the white … Continue reading {OOTD} Classic


{OOTD} Little pinky

Pink is not my favorite, honestly. I am not a big fan of this dreamy color. I am more a down-to-earth simply type. But one night, I walked freezingly across Topshop and saw this little dress over the mannequin in the cozy light. It was just simply a love at the first sight. One of … Continue reading {OOTD} Little pinky

{OOTD} Fire up winter

Say hi to my favorite outfit for winter 2016. Beaudeux bodysuit, leather short skirt and over knee boots. 2016 marked a truly blooming time for the off-shoulder outfit. Shirt, bodysuit, dress ...every girly pieces can use this special element to show off women' petite sexy shoulder. Off-shoulder tops are always my favorite, even for summer … Continue reading {OOTD} Fire up winter

{OOTD} Autumn Layered Vibe

What is the signature color of autumn? Orange? Maybe. But there are so many different shades of orange, you know. For me, amber represents autumn. A bit of fire, a bit of passion which can highlight any kinds of outfit you put in. Layering is never easy, to be honest. Therefore, I definitely have matched … Continue reading {OOTD} Autumn Layered Vibe

#Graduation #July2016

Wow, time flew so quick. It has been 3 years since I got here, a Vietnamese young girl chasing her dream and searching for freedom, independence away from family. Finally, I have finished one important step of my life. Well done, Gillian. I attended my Graduation ceremony in a big rush. My family decided to … Continue reading #Graduation #July2016

{OOTD} Tie it up.

Ok firstly I am a big fan of B&W and basic so it's totally normal to see me in B or W. And because last OOTD is W so now is B. Haha. My all time favorite color and the savior of all ladies in the whole universe from those who are too skinny to those … Continue reading {OOTD} Tie it up.

{OOTD} White.

All I need for an exciting summer outfit is here. I'm back to basic with simple yet classy white top and short. Collar top is booming during 2015-2016, became a must-have item for every lady and white is definitely my favorite. A white outfit also suits my light blonde hair at that time. Collaborated with … Continue reading {OOTD} White.