VnSharing Radio – Online Radio Project

‘VnSharing Radio’ is an online Radio which has been running since 2011. It started as an online station for a forum name VnSharing – “Vietnam Sharing” idea in Vietnam. After the forum collapsed and changed, we’ve disassociated to our own Radio with old core staffs and new concepts.We share everything happening globally from music, stories, trends etc. through entertaining and positive perspectives.

Currently, we’re in process of building our website with online player, music library, online shows and media updates.


Facebook Page:

Skills development: Leadership and team management, time management, idea generation, writing, editing and technical skills.


Skills development : Working with WordPress, InDesign and Photoshop, generating new ideas and concepts.


Video Production

1.The first video I have ever made was a production to participate in a Miss Competition in Vietnam when I was just setting up my camera on its tripod and doing the interview with a member of a Football Fanclub. I used iMovie to edit this video.

2. This is a 30s silent video assignment for Introduction to Film, TV production required to use ‘pencil’ as an idea. I was the person coming up with the concepts and filming angles but I am also to be the model so I just set up the gear and ask one of my friend just kind of hit the record button for me. I edit it with iMovie as well.

3. This is a music video that I and another 2 friends did for a local band on a group assignment of finding new artist and pitching to Sony Australia executives. We went to Toowoomba to film with the band using our own unprofessional cameras then using Adobe After Effect to edit it.

4. This is another group assignment that me and my group has done about “Prank on Youtube”.


Skills development: Camera technique, team cooperation, interviewing and video editing.