[14/03/2018] A little catch up

Hi there, long time no see ha? There have been numerous times I told myself to write something in this journal in the last one year since I moved to Melbourne but work and everything just made me exhausted and wanted to chill, movie or gym or whatever does not make me think. But yeah, … Continue reading [14/03/2018] A little catch up



Life's never been this tough Rolling in my own messiness Tomorrow will come, they said Should I wait here in silence Or should I stand up instead?  

#review “3-Iron/Bin Jip – Best Korean Movie ever”

I don't watch Korean Movie much, to be honest. I was sick the whole day and I just needed to be alone and watch something sad or bad romance. However, I didn't go with my classic or favorite. I jumped to kissasian.com, looked for something randomly. Then I accidentally found this movie. It was just strangely … Continue reading #review “3-Iron/Bin Jip – Best Korean Movie ever”

#Graduation #July2016

Wow, time flew so quick. It has been 3 years since I got here, a Vietnamese young girl chasing her dream and searching for freedom, independence away from family. Finally, I have finished one important step of my life. Well done, Gillian. I attended my Graduation ceremony in a big rush. My family decided to … Continue reading #Graduation #July2016

{Throwback} Winter Sadness

Winter has come to Brisbane. Suddenly want to throwback my winter in Vietnam two years ago. _______________________ Giọt sầu đông vương nhẹ mí mắt Thoáng say sưa thưởng thức vị lạnh đầu môi Trái tim buồn ngước nhìn cảnh lặng Chợt khẽ khàng xuyên qua lớp lớp tâm tư Mưa chợt đến mang vị mặn … Continue reading {Throwback} Winter Sadness

#Being good is not good enough.

It's not a judgement. It's not about greedy. It's all about insecurity, confidence, and women. Women' insecurity is like the depth of the ocean. The more you go, the deeper it gets. Some people get tired or bored in the middle of their way, so they stop to come back or search for a new … Continue reading #Being good is not good enough.

#Little peace

My favorite blogger on Facebook would like to do a Radio online version of her writings so I made this demo for her to listen. She loved it so much. Probably because what she wrote really got me so my expression pretty came through. This kind of stuffs reminds me of an online Radio projects … Continue reading #Little peace


Mind has been trained to get used to waiting all the time. Waiting for brands new and gloomy things. Waiting aimlessly and indefinitely. Mind has been trained to look forward to only one direction. If tomorrow comes from behind, hands might be tied but eyes definitely will not look back. Mind has been trained to keep … Continue reading #Waiting

#We all need a little peace

I have not written properly for a long time and there comes a time that I need a professional space for my works and also my personal journals, so here we are. I had a rough day today. I am feeling like a little silent space, a silent friend and a sleeping cat to calm … Continue reading #We all need a little peace